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patients in life, should eat less acidic foods, acidic foods

Diet list 1, patients in life, should eat less acidic foods, acidic foodsgenerally have cereal, fish, meat and other foods, these foods are basically not containing organic acid or content is very low, the taste is not a significant sour, but the food into the body in patients with diabetes, and thoroughly catabolism, will chloride, sulfur, phosphorus and other acidic substances left, these acidic foods easily lead to acidification of body fluids, unfavorable for diabetes patients health. In general, patients with diabetes can eat green leafy vegetables, which for the supplements in patients with diabetes mellitus, maintenance of glucose homeostasis help.
Diet list 2, diabetic patients should choose low sodium, high fiber foods. Because of the high sodium foods will increase blood volume, concurrent disease induced high blood pressure, increase heart burden caused by diabetes, atherosclerosis, aggravated diabetes complications, therefore, patients with diabetes should be based on a low sodium diet is appropriate, and can dissolve cellulose can improve the metabolism of fat, cholesterol and sugar, which can reduce weight, for diabetic patients to maintain healthy and Kang Youli.